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How To Build A Cheeseboard For The Holidays

How To Build A Cheeseboard For The Holidays

How to Build a Cheeseboard for the Holidays  Cheeseboards or charcuterie boards are absolutely all the rage. And for good reason! Cheese is delicious along with all of the other yummy accouterments you can add. Hoping to build an epic spread for the upcoming holidays? […]

Flexible Meal Planning

Flexible Meal Planning

There is a common assumption that when going to see a Registered Dietitian, you will leave with a rigid food plan. At Pearls of Nutrition, we prioritize spending time planning meals with our clients and in a way that is individualized for each person. We […]

Mashed Curry White Sweet Potatoes

I am always preaching to people to not go grocery shopping when they are hungry or in a hurry and yesterday I failed to take my own advice. I was in a super hurry and instead of getting white potatoes I grabbed Jersey white sweet […]

Pulled Beef Tongue Stuffed Zucchini

Beef tongue, round two! Remember a few months ago when Sassy made Beef Tongue Tacos for her friends? She could not stop raving about how good the beef tongue was so of course I had to try it. Lucky for me I have a group of […]

Apricot Coleslaw

I have cabbage coming out my ears! Seriously. our CSA has been giving us multiple heads of cabbage for the last two weeks. It’s awesome, but just too much for two people. My roommate and I both hate to waste food. We would much rather see […]

Turmeric Thyme and Honey Baked Wings

Turmeric Thyme and Honey Baked Chicken Wings I have been craving chicken wings like crazy lately! Ordering chicken wings out is just not an option, I don’t want to eat anything that has been breaded and then deep fried in Evil Vegetable Oils so my craving […]