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Understanding Your Core

Understanding Your Core

On my journey to becoming a certified personal trainer, one of the components of the learning process that fascinated me was the importance of core strength and stability. Whether it was learning to do a basic squat, standing in a static position, or going for […]

I Don’t Dig Exercise

Yeah, that’s right. Dietitians are humans too. We like pizza (preferably paired with beer and football), ice cream, and Netflix just like the rest of you and some of us really don’t dig exercise. Yup, I said it. I don’t dig exercise. I absolutely hate […]

5 Healthy Ways to Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Intern Karlee is back! Happy October everyone! October means it’s officially autumn, and finally acceptable to be #basic and do all things fall. Apple picking, pumping carving, and warm crockpot dinners are all things that come to my mind when this season arrives. However, October […]