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Nutrition Genius Radio Episode #69 Nutrition & Mental Health


episode 69

Nutrition & Mental Health

Did you know approximately every 1 in 5 adults have been diagnosed with a mental illness? So this week Nutrition Genius Radio brings you an episode about mental health & nutrition. We touch on the statistics, some of the most common mental health illnesses, how to maintain or improve mental health (whether you have a diagnosis or not), and of course how nutrition plays a role in all of it! Spoiler alert: we may even tell you to #JERF – just eat real food!

Note: We are not doctors or therapists! If you think that you may have a mental illness, please talk to your doctor. It is OKAY to get help if you need it. Put your health first!

Topics covered this episode:

What is Mental Illness

Top 3 Mental Illness Diagnoses & Nutrition to Help

Supplements to help fight Mental Illness

…and more!

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