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Is Fruit Too High In Sugar?

Is Fruit Too High In Sugar?

We’re often told to eat our fruits and vegetables but also to avoid sugars. So, if fruits have sugars, should we really be eating more of them?! This is a great question and one that often comes up in our dietetic offices. A lot of […]

Nutrition Genius Radio Episode #65 Poop

  Yep, we went there. The truth is, poop is a dietitian’s jam. Gross, that seems like a bad use of the English language but you get what I mean. Our expertise is in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and anything that goes into or our of it […]

Nutrition Genius Radio Episode #64 Fiber

Curious about what fiber is and why you need it? Check out Episode #64 of Nutrition Genius Radio to learn all about it! In this episode we cover: What fiber is How it helps the body Where you can find it (hint: not fiber bars) And the new […]