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22 Random Acts of Kindness

kindnessOn March 28th I will be completing 22 random acts of kindness in the Rochester New York area and I am asking you to join me in your respective area of the country and complete your own random acts of kindness. None of these things have to be expensive or incredibly time consuming, they just have to be kind. And lets be honest, the world could always use more kindness, no matter where you are.

If you happen to be in Rochester and would like to join me for 1 or all 22 acts, I would love to have you! No matter how many acts you can complete please, please, please help us spread some love on March 28th. Even joining us for 1 act will be so appreciated. Leave a message in the comments section letting us know if you plan on joining us and what you plan to do! Our list is below…

1. Make chili for local firehouse
2. Donate blood
3. Buy coffee for person behind in line
4. Help someone with their groceries
5. Leave inspirational message on 22 cars in a parking lot
6. Donate clothes
7. Visit and animal shelter (with treats!)
8. Leave quarters on parking meters/laundry machines
9. Volunteer at soup kitchen or food bank
10. Bring apples/oranges to police station
11. Visit a nursing home and bring flowers to the residents
12. Leave thank you notes on cars at local VA
13. Call a friend who needs someone to listen
14. Call parents/grandparents to say thank you and I love you
15. Shovel a driveway/mow a lawn/rake leaves
16. Give a homeless person a hot meal
17. Deliver canned goods to a food bank
18. Send a hand-written thank you note to someone who has helped you in the past
19. Send a card to a friend just because
20. Buy lottery ticket for a stranger
21. Invite a new person to join the fun
22. Buy a drink for a stranger.

Please help me show this girl her kindness has made an incredible impact on this world. If you will be participating on March 28th please join our Facebook Event and share with your friends so we can spread the love further!!