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Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Mental Health

Robin Williams, man. That stinks. What stinks even more is stuff like this happens all the time, we just only hear about it when its someone famous. Mental health problems are ridiculously common. The two most commonly prescribed drugs in the United States aren’t to […]

When Healthy Becomes Unhealthy

I love that healthy has become a new movement. Health memes, bragging about exercise, and excessive hash tagging about #nutrition and #cleaneating has reached obnoxious proportions on social media and I love it. People who eat real food make me exceptionally happy. The sentence “I […]

Can Juicing Just Die Already

Hi friends! If you check the upper bar I’ve made some changes to make navigating throughout the site easier and I’ve added a new “work with me” tab because guess what?! I AM OFFICIALLY A REGISTERED DIETITIAN! Passed the test last week. So, please meander […]

Vitamin A, eh?

Hello muffins! I am all settled back into NY and lucky for you that means a lot more good stuff coming out on Pearls of Nutrition! I thought today we could round out the fat-soluble vitamins and since we have already covered vitamin D, vitamin […]

The Dairy Dilemma

Dairy is one of those things that is super controversial depending on who you ask. Arguments range from milk being the best source of calcium and vitamin D (which many people are deficient in) to humans are the only species which consumes milk beyond infancy. […]

Saturated Fat

If I had a nickel for every time I had to explain to someone that saturated fat isn’t bad I’d have enough nickels to pay for my next trip. Let me repeat this. Saturated fat does not cause heart disease.  Saturated fat does increase your […]