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Nutrition Genius Radio Episode #71 All Access Internships

episode 71


All Access Internships with Jenny Westerkamp, RD, LD

This week on the show we bring on guest Registered Dietitian, Jenny Westerkamp founder of  All Access Internships. Jenny has been an entrepreneur since she can remember with her first business revolving around selling scrunchies, yes that’s right SCRUNCHIES. Jenny has the “can-do” attitude that will inspire you to follow your dreams whether you want to be an entrepreneur or not. Listen in and learn all about Jenny and her business.

Jenny’s Bio:
Jenny Westerkamp, RD is the founder of All Access Internships (AAI). Since 2008, AAI has turned RD dreams into reality, helping thousands of dietetics students get matched to dietetic internships by providing free resources and personalized application coaching. Visit to learn more! (Follow her on Twitter:@JennyWesterkamp)

Topics covered this episode:

How Jenny decided to become a RD instead of a Doritos flavor expert

 How Jenny started her own company while still in school

How to figure out if you want to be an entrepreneur

What to do today if you want to start your own business

How to use AAI if you are a nutrition student or a Dietitian

…and more!

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